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last updated 2nd March 2021

We are delighted to say that the Maidstone Open Tennis Tournament is back!

The Government has announced that tennis may resume from 29th March.


We have revised deadlines for each round of the tournament - giving a long time before the first deadline to enable players to get match ready. These are listed below and on our website.


We hope to announce that there will be a finals day in September but will let you know as the tournament progresses. If this is not possible, or indeed if finalists can't play on the to-be-specified date, the final can be played at individuals club.


Any issues, as ever please contact the Tournament referee, Charlie Falconer.

32 Draw

1st Rd - 14th May

2nd Rd (16) - 6th June 

Qt finals - 4th July

Semifinals - 1st August

16 Draw 

1st Rd - 6th June 

Qt finals - 4th July

Semifinals - 1st August.

8 Draw

Qt finals - 4th July

Semifinals- 1st August

Over 60's Round Robin

Ladies singles and Mens 60 + Doubles - 1st August.



The LTA Covid guidelines can be found here

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