last updated 27th November 2020

Message from Charlie Falconer, Tournament Referee


We had hoped we would not be writing to you again but now, the UK Government has announced that all of the south-east is under Tier 4 restrictions, and there will obviously be an impact on the Maidstone Open Tennis Tournament.


Travel restrictions in or out of Tier 4 Areas remain in place. You should not travel between neighbouring Tier 4 areas, even if they share a border. Each Tier 4 Area is seen as separate, they are not one continuous area. If you live in a London Borough, you cannot travel anywhere outside of Greater London to play tennis. Equally, anyone living in Kent cannot travel to London. Here you can find which of our clubs are in Kent or London.


The LTA has updated its Summary Grid. Please can all players ensure they are familiar with the revised Summary Grid which is here


Please do continue to check the LTA website and follow their advice, including their updates for Players. The LTA will update their guidance which is here


Only outdoors singles matches between people all living in the same Area can currently take place. No matches can currently take place indoors.


Thanks to all those that have played their matches and are moving the tournament on in such trying circumstances. 


The singles first and second round matches should be played as soon as possible, 10th January 2021 at the latest. Further advice will be provided in January on revised play-by dates for both singles and doubles.


In the meantime, we all wish you a very Happy Christmas and here's to a MUCH better 2021.

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